Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zombie Cures

Okay, recently woozens have been turning into zombies


But, I've found a few cures. So don't worry.
Okay so, you can wear the zombie protecter (doctor) outfit it costs, well for the full outfit in beex it costs 1170 beex to buy the full zombie doctor outfit, and I have the full zombie doctor outfit :D but in wooz it costs 390 wooz, So if you just want to buy the Mask (the mask will work by its self the rest is just a extra promo protection) So to buy the Mask sepretly in beex it would be 360 beex and to buy it in wooz it is 120 so yeah.

But, the mask won't work right away. You always have to get Effect B Gone Water and Jelly to activate it everytime you come online, Otherwise it won't work. Btw I suggest that you get YOUR OWN water and jelly because then you'll have more for YOU and also have enough to last you until the Zombie Effecting is over. You get 30 bites in the gingerbread man's. So eat jelly first then drink water. Also, once you have done that do not change your clothing, Skin Color, eye color, face, or do any spellz because you will turn back into a zombie, AGAIN! So just chill after that. I hope this helped :)

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