After interviewing Demitra11 this week,

I have discovered  more things about her that you might not of known and want to know. She is now the Top Woozen of the Week which will be uploaded when  the next week starts which is Sunday.

Anyway I asked her some questions and in return she gave me some things I did not know about her.

Of course her favorite color is pink
Her favorite food is popcorn
Her favorite woozworld hang out is Advanced Quests so if your ever looking for her check there.
Her favorite outfit is her Z-Princess Hair, anything pink, punk and rock
Her favorite hobby is dying her hair.

That is all I found out about her due to her busy schedule.

Click on the links for all her social media and all that.

Subscribe to her YouTube channel: EverythingDemitra
Follow her on Instagram: Demitra11
Follow her on Twitter: Demitra11
Check out her used to be/ half way probably still blog: EverythingDemitra
and other social media.

Thanks guys! I hope you enjoyed this post/interview page.

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