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 New Years of 2015 Local Woozworld Team Spirit

 Hey so as we all know it is now 2015 and we have a new year so we will need some new Trending Wears. So, I am having a contest once again for New Years Spirit! You can do it with a partner or just by yourself. Winner receives a new exclusive 2015 Garment.

Entering the New Years of 2015 Team Spirit Guidance

1. Choose your fitting/outfit
2. Take a picture in a album called 'New Years Team Spirit'
3. Message me on Woozworld about wanting to enter the contest

Getting Ready for the Finals

Only up to 5 Woozens can make it to the finals so in the first round of the competition (before making it to the finals) Don't really wear something eye catchy but still catchy.

Preparing for the Finals 

In the finals you want to make sure that you wear something, that will make someone want to actually know where you got your outfit. 

1. Choose your Final Outfit 
2. Choose a Pose
3. Snap the picture while posing/doing the move
4. Put it in a Albumz tittled 'Contest Finals'
5. Message me
6. Wait for my response of if you won or not.

Winning in the Finals!!!

If you win the finals you'll receive your prize. Remember only 1 can win in the Finals.

Prize Claiming

Okay, this may sound a little rude but you have 5 days to claim your prize (If I am not online during those 5 days I will give you an extra 5 days then if I'm still not on then you know what I mean) If you do not claim your prize in the next 5 days your prize will be given to the one who could of win but you beat them.

Prize!!!Okay, so the prize includes: A new item/garment , 80 votes, 1000 beex, and 50 wooz


Okay so you guys have until February 1st to show your spirit!
I hope you enter and have fun!!

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