Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hey Wooozens! It's Lugna here! Anyway, this is the.......... ZOMBIE UPDATE!

So I will list where you can find these

Slime from Albino Toads: Scary Ball Hall
Sun melted Chockolienz: Venice
The Head of a Rare Purple Mushroom: Witch's Lair
Ground-up Rainbow Gemz: Bali Villa
Shed hair from Golden Yetiz: Haunted Land

Okay so anyway all of those were listed in order. After you find those restart. Before you restart put on your Zombie Doctor Mask
Then restart!
Then to conceal it permanetly, I'm pretty sure we all seen this coming but...

You gotta pay for the permanet. LOL! So, thats all for today. Bye :)

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