Saturday, January 10, 2015

Zechic Special

Hey everyone, I am telling you about a this Zechic special until Jan. 11, 2015!

So yea! Bye :I

Friday, January 9, 2015

ZeChic Yourself!

Hey guys, sorry I have not been posting lately but I am back so woozworld has now posted a new updated (You have to be a VIP to buy it) so I am a VIP of course so I have access to ZeChic BTW did you know there are over 100 VIPs on woozworld? Anyway, so their are 2 places you can go for the ZeChic one is where you can view the items (Accessable to all woozens) and another one is where you can see 2 manniquins (open to VIPs only)

So the items might be a little pricey but please do not ask me to gift you because it is getting REALLY SERIOUSLY GETTING ANNOYING. Anyway I hope you liked my post lol. <3 Stay tuned for more posting