Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jenny Fallen Asleep! -Solving With Lugna Clues-

This one girl says "Plot twist. Zenna is dressed as jenny Because Jenny (Zenna) thinks that max will kiss her to make her wake up. because Zeena wants max Since you and Max broke up and Max still has feeling for you. Or Zeena just has a little crush on Max" but to be honest this does look like Zeena dressed up as Jenny because because Jennys eye structure is not structed up as that. Those are Zeenas because Zeena has a little cat eye make up. Zeena could be the one behind the plot or... it could be Mya. Jennys so called friend. Remeber when Max didn't show up at Jennys Birthday? Some people say he was with Mya. But the truth is Zeena set him up saying that Jenny would meet him there and then Zeena rushed back to the party to be there before Mya could comfort Jenny. Then after that day that pretty much split apart the woozband. We keep on thinking Mya is on our side like the time she helped us get rid of her no longer boyfriend Zack. Who is Kount Von Klokz. Zack was Jennys First love. Then Zack had got lost or something. Then Jenny found Mya, Jay and Max. Max fell in love with Jenny then Zack (which Jenny thought died) had came back and thought he'd find Jenny which he did in the middle of Jenny and Max wedding so then Zack went and got a new girlfriend Zeena fast foward they broke up. Blah blah blah, it might be Zack who did this because Jenny thought he died so..... yea.

She looks as if she is playing as Sleeping Beauty. Get real it's black history month. Second I think woozworld might be adding a new where we can fall asleep or woozworld might be bringing Disney Characters into woozworld, or might be coming and hit upon some woozens to make them delirious. Plus there is like a million woozens packed up Like it's not like Jenny is going to magically reopen her eyes in 20 minutes. This is going to be a whole new quest. Hashtag, Drama After Valentines Events. Since Jenny is gone they will have to do what the wooz with her, talk with jenny without her, Jay Freestyle Cafe and most of all, Max Game Show. Max and jenny were ment to be together. What if she doesn't wake up? Woozworld is in trouble now. Think of everything that can happen. What if we don't find a way to make her wake up -.-

Max couldn't of done it though because look at his status. As you can see he is completely depressed. Mya and Jay are kind of worried. 

Lastly the funniest one,

But anyway that's pretty much all I have to say and basically it took me 3 days to gather all of this information and sum it all up. This might be the longest article I have down since I started blogging. I will have more information but I am too lazy to snap the picture for Max's status so do yourself a I also do not feel like the posting of snaps because that will then be a 4 day work process and I probably would have this published by Saturday and yea. But I might go back and edit this too add those features when I have the chance so I will also have a Woozworld Black History Maze coming soon before the end of the month. Thank you guys for supporting this blog and my posts and as we all know I cannot post everyday because I have school and all that and I am obviously not a robot so thank you guys for obviously paying attention I think and thanks.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Hey Lovebirds! 

As we all know valentine's is just around the corner (tomorrow) and WE ALL need Valentine's and Last-Minute-Emergency-Fixer-Uppers. So......... \


Sunday, February 8, 2015

3 Important Updates

Woozworld Valentine's

Woozworld Answer: Last week, the Woozworld Weather Bureau warned of an approaching cold front, accompanied by a strange gray cloud. We’ve now learned the truth: this cloud is the result of all the mean-spirited and hateful things Woozens (and Woozband) have done to one another. Nestling above Woozworld, this “hate cloud” is absorbing the color and joy from Woozworld and leaving us only with gray gloom and hateful faces. If you were able to protect yourself using Professor Preztige’s Boost of 
Love, your true loving spirit and colorful personality are protected. But for the rest of us, what can we do now?
An excentric member of the Woozworld Weather Bureau, forecaster and fortune teller Ms. Miraje, was the first to foresee an evil approaching Woozworld – and now it’s arrived. She has offered her help to combat this menacing cloud, but she’s wary of helping us: “These are the very Woozens whose behavior caused this cloud of woe, so why should I reveal all that I know? My crystal ball can light the way, but only if my price you pay.” (Did we mention that Ms. Miraje only speaks in rhymes and riddles?)
Pay a visit to Ms. Miraje in Woozworld to find out more about this cloud, and how you can get out from under it.

Woozworld's Valentine's Boost of Love

Of course we all should of known the cure would cost real money.

Woozworld Valentine Shopz 

Woozworld #PopWooz

So there is a dark cloud going on in Woozworld and if you go by someone who has purchased the heart thing you stand by them to get the color back on you and it will last for 3 minutes.

Thanks guys! -Until Next Time