Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Hey woozens! I was just alerted that ZeenaWooz has won the Next Top Model for now! Utterly I am disgusted! In such taste the Judges have. Honestly I do not think she should win. I know she makes nice clothes and all but still! Are the Judges crazy? How come in most eventz the Wooz or Famous person always wins! Why can't they let others win. Like if your already famous keep your fame, try to at least stay in the top 20 but try and let the poor woozens who barely have chances get up to the point where they feel successful and succeed. The more woozens win (Poor) the more they will play woozworld and work harder. The more woozens we gain the more population woozworld gains. We have to keep Woozworld up and going. Last thing we need is for woozworld to shut down just like other games. We have to try and make woozworld up to the top of the website (PC) games! We better step our game up and show that we woozens rule and we are the boss of ZeenaWooz! Hope you guys STEP UP! Thanks for listening bye!

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